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The production of heat-shrinkable film (the so-called “sleeve”) is based on the co-extrusion process, consists in obtaining a multilayer film.

Each of the joined layers is made of a specific polymer blend, appropriately selected so that it can fulfill its specific functions.

As a result, the foil is characterized by high resistance against tears, cracks and punctures, and also shows heat shrinkage, so it tightly fits to a cheese block at high temperatures.

The barrier layer plays the most important role. On one hand it prevents oxygen from entering the inside of the package and on the other hand it allows the removal of gases generated during the ripening of cheese. As a result, the cheese can stay in such packaging for up to several months.

Preparation for production begins with the selection of raw materials. Each of the selected materials must have approvals and certificates intended for contact with food, so that the final product can meet national and EU safety requirements.

All production is kept in the international BRC standard and good principles of GMP and HACCP system.

MPSystem has two production lines, thanks to which it is possible to obtain sleeves with a width of 180 to 500 mm in 11 different colors. It is also possible to design a different solution according to individual customer needs.

From the resulting sleeves, it is possible to obtain bags of any length with very durable welds ended in a round or straight way.

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